WordPress plugin for your blog

8 WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is known as one of the best platforms to host a blog on. It’s completely customizable, you can really make your blog your own and with plug ins you can do everything without knowing coding or HTML.

The question I get most from new bloggers is what plug-ins should I use? The world of plugins is huge and there are so many out there with more being added every day. How do you choose? Well I am here to help you figure out a few good WordPress plugins for your blog.

WordPress Plugins you Need on Your Blog


This comes with your WordPress site and is really amazing it only takes a few minutes to set up, and will help so much when your blog starts to take off. I spent so much time sorting though spam comments when I first started blogging 12 years ago. Askmet is such a time saver!

Google Analyticator

Get all your google analytic stats right on your blog, this is another huge time saver and it’s nice to easily check into your blog stats.

Head Footer and Post Injectionsf

This plug in is so awesome. This plugin allows you add things to your header and footer and they stay no matter what you do to the rest of your blog. You can change my theme and everything is still right there. the best part is you don’t have to remember to change it all for the new theme. It also makes it easier to add things to my post such as banner ads, adsense or other advertising.

Instagram Feedf

Instagram is the new hot social media site, make sure you showcase your Instagram by using this plug in. It creates a really beautiful display of your Instagram feed on the sidebar of your blog.

Access Press Pinterest

I love this plugin because it is a total solution for Pinterest on your blog. It provides pin buttons on your images, allows you to have a feed widget and it’s so easy to install.

Yoast SEOf

This is the most important plug in to have after Askmet this plugin does all the SEO for you and really makes life much easier. It gives you tips and ideas to help your blog grow and be seen in the search engines.

Top 10f

This plug in will showcase your top 10 blog post based on traffic0. I love this plug in because it’s a simple widget you can add to your sidebar or footer and it does everything without you having to do anything.

Amazon Associates Link Builderf

If your looking to promote Amazon products this plug in is a must have. I love it because I can write up my post then add any Amazon links I want right from my blog. Meaning it takes less time for me to write up my blog post.

What plugins do you use on your blog? Share them in the comments.

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